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  • Since 1993 Argenti Preziosi produces and sells gift items, party favors in silver, crystal, leather, wood and resin as well as home and office accessories.
  • After conquering the Italian market, paying great attention to the customer and to the point of sale, Argenti Preziosi is now present in many European countries as well as in the United States, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
  • Argenti Preziosi owes its international success to a unique mix of research, quality, style and price that permeates the wide range of products that is constantly evolving.

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Gadgets, Glassware and Favors - Gifts for Children - Frames - Lamps, Favors and Gifts Resin - Leather Decor Anniversaries and Events - Box, Leather, Keychain and Accessories - Sacre - Porcelain, Complements and Objects by Francesca Piacenza - Chalks Profumati - Frames - Wooden Jewelry Box - wall Clocks and washbasin - painted Canvas - Furnishing


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